POPTECH / Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing

Let’s keep the Internet safe for our children

POPTECH supports the campaign to protect our children from undesirable content, and to eliminate child porn from the Internet.

If you have any concerns about any content whatsoever that appears to be hosted or stored on any POPTECHservers, or servers provided by any of POPTECH’s customers, please contact us immediately via support@poptech.co.za and we will take the appropriate action without delay.

Web sites with information on protecting minors

The following sites have useful information or programs for protecting minors from problematic online content

  • Cyberangels: World’s oldest and largest Internet safety organisation
  • GetNetwise: Educating parents and children about how to use the Internet safely
  • KidShield: Tools and information to create a safety net for your children online
  • ProtectKids.com: Protecting children in cyberspace
  • SafeKids.com: Making your family’s online experience fun and productive
  • WiredKids: Online safety for kids and teens