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Dare To Dream

In December of 2008, POPTECH sponsored Dare To Dream. A non profit organisation who aim to give some joy to children who are often lacking hope. After attending a breakfast hosted by Dare To Dream, POPTECH felt that sharing with those less fortunate than us is a tiny way to show our thankfulness for what we have achieved as a company through the support of our clients. Letter from Josh Glenny from Dare to Dream to POPTECH We so appreciate you, POPTECH coming through for us like this and so generously supporting an entire camp. I can't tell you how much this means to us, thank you from me, my other two trustees and 91 people that will be on camp from the 22nd-29th of December 2008. These children that come on camp are under-privileged, orphaned and or in a vulnerable situation such as a parent that is ill or unemployed, or from a child headed household. They are all from registered orphan homes and or orphan support centres. This means that all of them are proven as orphaned or vulnerable (not just off the street) with registered orphan centres such as NOAH, Angels Care, Thusang, Gods Golden Acre, Lily of the Valley, Thokomala etc. All these organisations regularly send children on our camps (as space allows) as well as many others. The children are between 7 and 15 years old and are an even spread of boys and girls. Our camps make these children that have very little materially, feel valued and precious, our volunteers serve them and love them no matter what they look like, smell like or act like, and the feedback we get is tremendous and this drives us to do more every year. Your company is touching the lives of 66 children, who knows what impact this camp will have on the future of these children? Thank you once again for caring! Kind Regards Josh Glenny

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Khetsani Dlamini FC

In 2007, POPTECH sponsored an Eastern Cape football from the Grahamstown area with full kit so they could take part in the local league. The team was named in the remembrance of a student that had died in December '06 and the donations helped them play all the way through to the leagues final.

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